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About Germar


Germar, (Gerardo Martinez) Came to the United States from Mexico City in 1987. From the age of 6 he showed great interest in magic and 3 years later Germar was able to perform in front of Small audiences.

Germar, joined the Latin American Association of Illusionists in 1986 and the Gerry Himselfnext year he won his first contest at a National Convention of Magic in Mexico City. From 1987 to 2003 and 2005 he lived in San Francisco Bay Area where he won first price on 9 different contests and where he performs regularly at all kinds of events.

He is one of the busiest magicians in United States amazing audiences with his unique brand of Comedy Magic. His show is very fast paced and emphasizes intense audience participation combined with astonishing effects and good clean fun.

Germar is the past President of the Society of American Magicians #112, lecturer, author, writer, and consultant for other Magicians.

His talents range from comedy, stage magic, to close-up sleight of hand. He has an incredible bird act combined with astonishing manipulations and great music that will keep you baffled and amused!

Germar, has performed magic internationally and throughout the United States at countless venues.


Germar's humor will make you laugh
while his magic will make you wonder!

Contact: 925 798 5664 or by Email